Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Term 3 Writing Goals

My current level in Writing is:
3B is my level at writing.
Things I think I do well in Writing are:Using amazing powerful words in all my writing.

My Writing goals for next term are to:Use apostrophes and to small letters and not capital letters.

I can achieve these goals by:Practicing writing with apostrophes and not to use capital letters in the wrong places.

My family can help me achieve these goals by:Encouraging me to write more and attractable work.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Earthquake slide show

This is a slideshow to show how to keep safe if an earthquake hits when you are school.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Buddy Writing

Today we did some buddy writing with room 7. We helped them to re-craft their writing samples. This is me and my buddy Lauren . I hope we get to do this again, it was fun!

The cars were smashing together with the boats. Lots of people were praying so that the Tsunami can stop doing damage.

They was sea water charging though the houses and buildings which were making them collapsing down.

People were talking about the the terrible event that had caused a shocking mess. They say that Tsunami's is a devastation weather were people are easily killed.

People were crying and shouting to find there love ones. Some people were yelling to call for there lost. The people of Japan had all been praying. One girl was running for her life but it was too late the salty sea had already torn her out to the underground world.

I think tsunami’s are a dangerous event because it can deadly blow thing away and can cause a lot of damage. People were very sad at how there home town had been destroyed.

Reverse Key

I used the reverse key to think of things a torch CANNOT be used's hard thinking in reverse!

Name 10 things that you cannot use with a torch.
  1. You can’t use a torch to cut pieces of meat.
  2. Also you can’t use it as a heater.
  3. A torch cannot be used for singing with.
  4. Torches are not for hammering.
  5. Also they are not used for Tooth brush.
  6. It can’t be used for eating with.
  7. It can’t be thrown around like a ball.
  8. The torch is not used as a cell phone.
  9. Torches are not to be used to burn things.
  10. It can’t be used as a voice recorder.

Kelenis Writing Sample

Tsunami Description

We are live in Japan in the afternoon 12.00pm is the exact time by the devastating tsunami. The wind is charging though and blowing many roofs off houses. You can see water crashing into houses. Buildings being torn down.

Large power lines smashing into the sea water. Buildings sinking, everything standing is disappearing into the underworld. Water charging upon the surface of the town.

People screaming for their loved ones. Children crying into their mother’s arms. All the town panicking for safety. Assistants are being lost to find emergency exits. School kids leaving school early for shelter and safety.

People running to high hills looking for shelter. Children sucked along with houses and the environment of Japan. Kids being confused where to go and hide. Adults shouting for their lost ones.

Family and friends are being torn out to sea. Wood from houses snapping and shelters crunching down below. People rushing to safety. Cars and roofs floating on top of the salty sea.

Waves are losing now and I can see dead bodies on the road. The tsunami has now cleared away leaving a shocking mess. People rushing back into town to find bits and pieces of their loved ones and houses been damaged.

I can tell you folks that we wish that Japan will one day be rebuilt.

That’s all from here in Japan, I hope you can make this home-town’s dream come true by donating. That’s all from your guideline, Keleni.

By Keleni

Friday, 17 June 2011

Picture Key

I used the picture key to think about what this symbol could be.
To me this sign stands for:
  • Dangerous zone for humans.
  • It stands for ‘’Don’t go further than this point.’’
  • Read rules before entering.
  • The sign stands for ‘’stop.’’
  • No animals beyond this sign.

Alphabet Key of Natural Disasters.

I used the Alphabet Key to think about words to do with Natural Disasters.

B-Bush fire
J-Jagged buildings crushed
K-Kills millions
M-Mud flood
N-Natural weathers
O-Ocean madness
P-Prepared for safeness
Q-Quake emergency
R-Rain clouds
U-Unprepared events
X-Xtra damage
Y-Year of disasters
Z-Zillion torn to sea

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Layers of the Earth

WALT: Make a model of the layers of the earth out of play dough.

So....that when we learn about natural disasters we can use our knowledge of the layers to understand them better. us in topic and science and learn about the earth around us.

CRUST:The crust contains continents as well as the seas.
The thickness of the crust is 15-75km.
The crust is the earth that holds the 7 tectonic plates and is part of land and sea.

MANTLE:The upper mantle is 400km thick.
The lower mantle is 2300km thick. It is more dense than upper mantle.
The mantle is made out of Iron,magnesium and silicates.

OUTER CORE:The outer core is 2300km thick. The outer core is made out of burning liquid and it is really hot. The core holds Iron,nickel and sulphur.

INNER CORE:The inner core is 1200km thick. It contains Iron,nickel,sulphur and it is solid. The temperature is really hot! It is 6650 degrees celsius!

Friday, 3 June 2011

My Diamond Poem

tall, funny
studying, reading, writing