Friday, 30 September 2011

Ireland Information Report

Are you aware that the day of January the 6th is ‘’Ladies Night Out’’ in Ireland? Four leaf clovers are rarely found but in Ireland. The four leaf clover is said to give you awesome luck.

Have ever heard that? That the food that is eaten in Ireland is mostly potatoes. They also eat tasty desserts like black pudding which sounds a bit dull but it’s really delicious. Irish people eat a lot of corned beef in their country.

Did you know there were vikings
who found the capital of Ireland? The name of this capital city is called Dublin. Catherine Hayes was a lady who loved singing. She was a very intelligent woman who admired other singers not just her self. She became famous during 1690–1726 for her talent.

I have done my research and found that Ireland has a lot of parks that families and friends visit. There are also days were there is Fat Tuesday and their are heaps of festivals. Festivals such as Pancake festival,The Ice Bowl,Box Tea festivals. There are sports to like hiking,golfing,rugby, singing and Irish dancing.

Finally and lastly my best interesting fact is that Ireland is an amazing country to visit for a Holiday or any day especially on one of the days of the Pancake festival.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Describing Piri Weepu


It was windy as I looked out from the stadium to see Piri Weepu...
Furiously yelling out the Maori Haka to his team mates. As Piri and his friends chant out the haka I can almost hear their hearts pounding with pride. It is amazing to see him poking out his tongue ferociously this way and that way. After the stomping,shouting,thumping and staring it looked like the All Blacks were prepared for their opening match.

As the game was beginning with Piri and his team mates versing Australia. It was a miracle how Piri got the first try like the snap of your fingers.

Piri has handsome black hair as night sky and cute big eyes to scare away his enemies. He is short but is a strong,smiley,cheerful,brave and confident man.
He is a very well known kiwi in New Zealand because he represents his home town proudly. Mr.Weepu has a ta moko tattoo on his right arm. Weepu has a beard that is bushy like forest bushes.

Piri is outstanding when he is on the field. He moves as fast as a cheetah and tackles like the undertaker. Weepu’s steps almost fly over his enemies like monkeys do on tree tops. He is a defensive companion and furious warrior. Piri is always a kind captain in leading the haka with his friends. He is very hilarious and is friendly to everyone like how bunnies are friendly to little girls.

Mr.Weepu is an amazing athlete and is an honest man. He is loyal to everybody, a good citizen, a valuable leader and a really loving person.

The thing I love about Piri Awahou Tihou Weepu is that even if he makes a mistake he never gives up but he learns from what he has done and that’s what makes him a good leader for our country and communities. He also leads the haka like a true warrior. He is the best role model that anyone can look up too.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Alphabet Key

I used the alphabet key to think about words to do with our topic The Rugby World Cup. Can you think of any other key words?

A- Australia
B- Blues
C- Chasing
D- Dodging
E- England
F- Fighting
G- Georgia
H- Hurricanes
I- Ireland
J- Japan
K- King Kicks
L- Live Sports
M- Memorial Memories
N- Namibia
O- Over post bombs
P- Penalty attack
Q- Queen Kick
R- Romania
S- Samoa
T- Tonga
U- United States of America
V- Vicious defences
W- Wales
X- Xtra love
Y- Yelling fans
Z- Zillion hearts

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Buddy Writing-Welcoming Tonga

As I joined the sea of red and white, people were dressed in the colours of Tonga from head to toe. It was really a noisy scene with Tongan families waving the flag of Tonga and people screaming out the language of the friendly Island. The airport was crowded and there were people chanting,singing and dancing around and horns being blowed. As I joined the crowd of Tongan people who were yelling “Mate ma’a Tonga!’’ And boys altogether shouting “Chee-hoo!”

All around me were proud people who had been waiting for a long hot and exhausted day, to meet the Tongan rugby team.So they can came up to the stage right in front of them. At the corner of my eye was the captain of the Ikale Tahi team. The Tongan team had finally landed in the Mangere Airport.

The sea eagle team are on the stage in front of us and are performing a haka tau for their supportive fans. There had been an Item being held to celebrate the arrival of our team. Girls were wearing tapa cloth dresses to perform a tauolunga for the friendly team.

I also saw boys getting into there tauovala so they could also do their own haka. As the Ikale Tahi approached the stage, there was screaming and dancing being held. Fans swishing around the Tongan flags,Tongan t-shirts and bright red faces of pride cheering for the sea eagle team.

When it was time for their item, every Tongan person cheered their hardest. After the ceremony had finished the Tongan team and the rest of the crowds who were at the airport, even me, who sang the Tongan national anthem.