Friday, 23 September 2011

Describing Piri Weepu


It was windy as I looked out from the stadium to see Piri Weepu...
Furiously yelling out the Maori Haka to his team mates. As Piri and his friends chant out the haka I can almost hear their hearts pounding with pride. It is amazing to see him poking out his tongue ferociously this way and that way. After the stomping,shouting,thumping and staring it looked like the All Blacks were prepared for their opening match.

As the game was beginning with Piri and his team mates versing Australia. It was a miracle how Piri got the first try like the snap of your fingers.

Piri has handsome black hair as night sky and cute big eyes to scare away his enemies. He is short but is a strong,smiley,cheerful,brave and confident man.
He is a very well known kiwi in New Zealand because he represents his home town proudly. Mr.Weepu has a ta moko tattoo on his right arm. Weepu has a beard that is bushy like forest bushes.

Piri is outstanding when he is on the field. He moves as fast as a cheetah and tackles like the undertaker. Weepu’s steps almost fly over his enemies like monkeys do on tree tops. He is a defensive companion and furious warrior. Piri is always a kind captain in leading the haka with his friends. He is very hilarious and is friendly to everyone like how bunnies are friendly to little girls.

Mr.Weepu is an amazing athlete and is an honest man. He is loyal to everybody, a good citizen, a valuable leader and a really loving person.

The thing I love about Piri Awahou Tihou Weepu is that even if he makes a mistake he never gives up but he learns from what he has done and that’s what makes him a good leader for our country and communities. He also leads the haka like a true warrior. He is the best role model that anyone can look up too.

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