Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My Beautiful Place

In our world there is a secret place far beyond belief where dreams come true....That world is Candy Land. Come come, I will tell you all about my special place.....Just close your eyes and imagine this.....

My special place is full of sweets of every kind. It has little delicious people who are called ginger bread people. They live in ginger bread houses just like the ones that are made on Christmas day.

You can see the ginger bread people running down the chocolate moose mountains which is about the width of Mt Everest. There are some kids who are being chased by the gummy bear monsters, the size of big daddy in the sunny light caramel sun. Whipped cream cars zooming past on the candy way. Marshmallow clouds making way for the chocolate mint moon to shine from where you can see the sunny caramel sun softly fading away to sleep. The shining bright mint moon comes out and shines all over candy land leaving a breath taking view. The moon shines so brightly that it looks like a million light bulbs stuck together.

At night time you can no longer hear voices of ginger bread people crying from tooth ache pain and ginger bread children annoyed from so much candy. Lollie pop trees sighing quietly with exhaustion from so many ginger bread people and gummy bears eating them. Candy canes twitching their lights wildly, trying to get some sleep. Every thing in candy land is now drifting off to sleep.

When the chocolate mint moon is going back to sleep the caramel sun comes out of its shade and the smell of toffee can be smelt in the air. Candy houses are cooking their breakfasts. Gummy bears are searching high and low in their houses for pots and pans to cook their meal of the morning. The smell of dark chocolate fog coming from the peaks of the mountains are very enchanting.

A sweet smell is so delicious that you can taste the sweet toffee air. It tastes so sweet it feels like all the sugar in the world on your tongue. Every melted ice cream flavour breathing into your mouth. Candy of every colour is everywhere which gives you colourful,dizzy pain.

As the sun slows down like a snail the black mint smell falls and you can sense that night is about to fall. I will fade away but this beautiful place will always exist forever in my mind and heart.

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  1. My favourite sentence was "The smell of dark chocolate fog coming from the peaks of the mountains are very enchanting." I could really visualise this Keleni. You chose great vocabulary to help paint a picture in my mind. Well done!