Friday, 30 September 2011

Ireland Information Report

Are you aware that the day of January the 6th is ‘’Ladies Night Out’’ in Ireland? Four leaf clovers are rarely found but in Ireland. The four leaf clover is said to give you awesome luck.

Have ever heard that? That the food that is eaten in Ireland is mostly potatoes. They also eat tasty desserts like black pudding which sounds a bit dull but it’s really delicious. Irish people eat a lot of corned beef in their country.

Did you know there were vikings
who found the capital of Ireland? The name of this capital city is called Dublin. Catherine Hayes was a lady who loved singing. She was a very intelligent woman who admired other singers not just her self. She became famous during 1690–1726 for her talent.

I have done my research and found that Ireland has a lot of parks that families and friends visit. There are also days were there is Fat Tuesday and their are heaps of festivals. Festivals such as Pancake festival,The Ice Bowl,Box Tea festivals. There are sports to like hiking,golfing,rugby, singing and Irish dancing.

Finally and lastly my best interesting fact is that Ireland is an amazing country to visit for a Holiday or any day especially on one of the days of the Pancake festival.

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